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Hi, I am visual storyteller and sustainability leader focusing on designing meaningful experiences, motivating action and making the complex easy to understand. As an aspiring polymath with a penchant for beauty and a heart for the world, I seek to learn as much as possible to pave the way for new connections. I think solutions should be inspiring visually while being respectful to people and the planet. I have honed my visual design, storytelling skills with a sustainable approach to collaborate with you—business owners and operators, educators, students, researchers, scientists, data analysts and field experts—free agents, non-profits, government entities and corporations. Let's work together to unleash your story and make sure it gets heard, seen and understood by your target audience.

With a Masters in Sustainable Design and 15+ years designing for small businesses to global corporations and everything in-between, Shanna brings vital experience and pure passion to the practice of creating a healthy and beautiful planet for all citizens and species—through systems thinking, holistic practices and inspirational visuals. Experienced and passionate about a variety of industries including: environmental, apparel, sport/athletic, education, food/wine, financial, retail, B2B, public awareness, campaigns and events.

Always learning and always making, Shanna is an artist, represented by Freed Gallery in Lincoln City, Oregon and is active in her local community. She’s served on local non-profit art and education boards, including the Oregon 4-H Expressive Arts Advisory Committee, the Arts Alliance of Yamhill County, and Community Innovation Partners. Shanna also takes opportunities to teach youth and adults in matters of creativity, partnering with students, Newberg Providence Hospital for the Youthful Art of Healing Collaboration, serving as a founder and program initiator for Dallas Community School—a public charter school for non-traditional and personalized learning and teaching as an adjunct for Linfield College. 

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